I’m Danya, twenty, vegan, Georgia. I consume a lot of media, and dye my hair frequently. I like art, feminism, and fruity drinks. I have a chronic illness. I'm a first year pre-med student. I play guitar and ukulele.
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“The Angry Black Woman is a racist trope used to deny black women their humanity. Black women aren’t allowed to be complicated — they’re just angry. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset or vulnerable — they’re just angry. Black women are not allowed justifiable reactions to the myriad of bullshit — racist, sexist and otherwise — that they face. Oh, you know those black ladies are just so angry all the time.”

The New York Times, Shonda Rhimes & How to Get Away With Being Racist (via americanbornterror)



mentally ill people can be confusing and belligerent and unfriendly and ungrateful and violent and not want to be medicated and STILL be entirely fucking deserving of your help and support lmao you don’t just get to handpick the nice ones

Yeah but a mental illness is no excuse for abuse. If someone is hurting you, you have every right to gtfo of that situation. Fuck abusers. 


the story behind this tweet was that i was crying pretty hard in the bathroom and the woman said “why are you crying baby girl?” and i didnt know what to say so i just said “im just.…. .. ..hungry” and she was like “well muffins are bogo at publix for four dollars theres nothing to cry about sweetie” and i said thank you and she said “ok… take care of yourself for me then” and left







the highlighted area is where Jason Derulo knows what the girls want. london to taiwan.

new york to haiti

greenland is right out

ummm no offense but new york to haiti should be measured as the area between the two latitudes, not the longitudes. this graph is incorrect and vastly underestimates the total region of the earth in which Jason Derulo knows what the girls want

Even measuring that way, Greenland remains right out, as does the entirity of Brazil.

Have we considered measuring by neither latitude nor longitude but in all area that would extend perpendicular from the diagonal of the two places?There are many different interpretations of the data, and until more is available, we ought not conclude anything at this point.

In light of that, I posit this alternative map of regions where Jason Derulo is potentially claiming where he knows what girls want:

As we can see, if we assume that model, the vast majority of the area where Jason Derulo knows what girls want is either open ocean (the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea) or sparsely populated (the northern Sahara, the northern Arabian Desert, various desert portions of Iran and Afghanistan, and the southern Tibetan Plateau). Four of the ten most populated countries on the planet have no territory in it (Nigeria, Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia), and two which do have relatively little territory in it (the US and Russia). It is suggested that for all his boasting, Jason Derulo does not know what a probable majority of the world’s girls want.


mcdonalds is that white boy in class who tells everyone he’d date a black girl

they finaly found condoms ur size