I’m Danya, twenty-one, vegan, Georgia. I consume a lot of media, and dye my hair frequently. I like art, feminism, and fruity drinks. I have a chronic illness. I'm a first year psych pre-med student. I play guitar and ukulele.
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if your self love causes someone to hate you..just take that as an incentive to love yourself even more.


this is my favorite line in the history of ahs


Nailed it!

Black Girls*



all posts should be in deviantart journal format

Listening to: linkin park ;D
Reading: yaoi :3333
Watching: naruto rofll
Playing: kingdom hearts!!!!!
Eating: nothing o__O
Drinking: blood XD


I’m not interested in a world where men really want to watch porn but resist because they’ve been shamed; I’m interested in a world where men are raised from birth with such an unshakable understanding of women as living human beings that they are incapable of being aroused by their exploitation.

i just ate a bunch of veggie chicken nuggets and now i feel sick and i drank pepsi for the first time in a while and it taste like straight up nail polish remover




reminder that since ursula is a straight-up shapeshifter, it follows that, if her accustomed form is pear-shaped and visibly aged, it’s because that’s how she likes it


Ursula’s design is based on Divine. In a story about voices, she’s quite literally an echo of one that once yelled “I’m so fucking beautiful I can’t stand it myself”. Ursula is exactly who she wants to be. 

frumpy shlumpy fat girls matter too


shout out to all the fat girls not in stylish expensive clothes right now

shout out to the fat girls in giant baggy sweaters, two day old makeup, unwashed hair, and hairy bodies.

You’re damn gorgeous too.